Darah vom Treuen Freund
DOB 07-05-2007, Black and Gold, OFA Good, CERF, DM Normal, Full Thyroid Panel Normal, several
times excellent in Conformation (1 x very good).  Darah is full of fun and loves, loves, loves to play
with anyone who will play with her.  Her drive for the toy is very high but not obsessive and she enjoys
swimming in the Columbia River.  She is a good guard but always friendly with people when
introduced.  Her coat is very black and shiny and her marks are medium tan.  Darah was bred 3 times
and produced very nice puppies in temperament and structure, but small litters with very very large
pups.  We retired her from breeding after her last litter in 2013.
Houwaert's Gosia Treuen Freund
DOB 04-07-2014, B/G.  Our newest addition to the family is Treue (pronounced Troy-ah).  Treue
comes from Houwaert's in Holland.  Her temperament is lovely...she loves to play but also loves to lay
in laps and get attention.  She and Darah get along wonderfully...they play with toys together and
chase each other around the property.  Treue surprised herself one day when Darah went into the
river after a toy....Treue followed and quickly began swimming but she hasn't attempted swimming
again but she enjoying going into the river and hope she will love swimming as much as our other
hovies have.   Treue was shown under Mr. Stefan Damer of the HZD on October 4th, 2014 and
received a very promising and again in October 2015 where she earned second best bitch.  She is
quite tall and still filling out and has lovely ears and long tail.
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