About Us
We are Hovawarts v Treuen Freund and we adopted our first Hovawart in
1999.  We fell in love with the breed and have been fortunate to have
had as part of our family several Hovawart dogs.  We started rearing our
dogs naturally (no MLV vaccines, no chemical flea and tick medicines),
conventional medications only when absolutely required, and species
appropriate raw diet in 2000.  Our Hovawart dogs are
family members,
they live in the home, we have never boarded our dogs as they go where
we go. Our dogs live as they were originally intended to do...they guard
the property and are family members/companions.  
We enjoy spending time with our Hovies and in the out of doors and
working on our property, gardening and fixing up homes that have been
neglected.  We also enjoy boating on the Columbia river, trips in our
travel trailer, snowmobiling and classic cars.  Our hovies go where we
go!  We enjoy doing research and furthering our education in all things
"Hovawart", and how to keep them healthy in Mind, Body and Soul.
We live in Central Washington on 4 acres.  The area receives
approximately 10" of total precipitation per year, this includes rain and
snow. (10" of snow = 1" of rain).  We live in the country and the area is
known for the fruit it produces, the dry climate and as a year round
vacation destination.  Our property is bordered to the north by the
Columbia River and all our Hovies love to swim several months of the
year. Swimming, running and playing keep them in excellent condition.  
We see Bighorn Sheep, Bald Eagles, Hawks, Blue Herons, Beaver, Owls
and other animals from our property.  
As breeders we believe we have the responsibility to thoroughly research
all breedings we have planned. We should be knowledgeable about the
lines we are breeding. We want to share what we know with persons
interested in the breed and answer all questions honestly.  We should be
able to provide factual information that is verifiable.  We should support
our puppy buyers for the life of the dog.  We believe our puppies
deserve to be placed in forever, loving homes and we will not place any
puppy with a family if we do not feel the puppy or family are a good fit.  
As people, we believe that the reward for truth, is a clear conscience.

"In trying to gain the world, some people lose their
integrity and soul
This statement struck a chord with me after our 17 years with the
Hovawart.  We love this breed.  They are very special to us. We feel
"doing right by the breed" is not an option, it is a given.  It is not our goal
to be the most prolific breeder of Hovawarts.  It not important to us to "try
and gain the world".  The Hovawart is not for everyone.  It is our hope
that all Hovawart people around the world, will work together towards
protecting (and enjoying) this wonderful breeds temperament, athletic
ability, working ability, beautiful structure and their health.  Only by
everyone around the world, individuals and organizations, sharing
information can the best choices be made for the Hovawart.  
Looking at our home from the Columbia River.
Looking at Columbia River, which borders our property
on the north side, from the deck of our home.
Qubilah in front and Darah, with toy enjoying the river.
Darah enjoying playing in the snow.
Larry and Mina enjoying a walk in Montana.
October 2013.
Chi in the "butt up" position on stool in front of
pellet stove.
Big Horn sheep across the river from our home.
Nephew Riley with Darah.
Organic zucchini and yellow squash from the
Owl in tree by the river.
Camping and snowmobiling with the hovi
gang at Loup Loup in the Methow.
Chi (12) and Mina (14.5) still enjoy a game of tug!
The sun going down in North Central
Washington.  View from porch of home.
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Mina and Chi on snowmobile camping trip to Loup Loup.
Darah and Treue becoming fast friends!!
Treue enjoying cooler weather.