We have been involved with the Hovawart since 1999 and have learned much through those years as we have been
very active in the breed and furthering our education in health, diet, fitness, training and more.  We have attended 14
different Hovawart events in the U.S. and one large event in Europe.

All our adult dogs and puppies live in our home.  We do not breed often, only when our females have met and exceeded
breeding requirements and we find a stud dog we feel is an excellent match.  We research both dogs lines thoroughly
for health, structure, temperament and working ability and will only breed when the combination is a good match.  Two
dogs on their own can be very nice dogs, but may not be a good match together.   The database we use contains
information on hovawart dogs from around the world, including IHF clubs and non IHF clubs, so when looking for stud
dogs we don't limit ourselves to only one organization. Sometimes we have imported dogs for breeding, and other
times we have found a good match in North America.

All dogs we use for breeding have a FCI recognized registration.   All our puppies , since we started breeding in 2003,
have FCI recognized registrations
.  Our puppy buyers can be assured that they will be able to participate at any FCI
recognized event in the world, if you choose to do so, when you adopt a puppy from our breedings.

Susan's home office is where puppies are whelped and reared until they go into their new homes.  Her office is off the
kitchen and main living area of the home, so pups are exposed to normal household sounds.  Once old enough, puppies
are allowed access to the out of doors into a covered and double fenced area, that is directly off the office room.  The
puppies have an "enriched" play area with many different items to play in, with and on, both indoors and out.  We take
pups on car rides and socialize them to new places, objects, children, elderly people, other animals and more.  Our
enriched play areas, are set up with age appropriate toys and objects.  Socialization is also based on age appropriate
interaction  We start our puppies on crate training to make the transition from our home to yours much easier on you and
your puppy.  We have been using the BioSensor method of rearing puppies since 2007. We spend a significant amount
of time  with our puppies and our adult dogs since we do not work outside the home.

All Hovawart dogs we use for breeding have met and/or exceeded all breeding requirements of the American Hovawart
Club and/or the club they are a member with.

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